Crop Maximizer


Crop Maximizer is an urban redevelopment proposition for an large portion of an urban block in the center of Athens. It proposes a layered strategy to the city:
At ground level the street facade is reconstituted with the refurbishment and the reinterpretation of the local typology of 2 storey houses with gardens.


Location Athens, Greece
Area 5.600 m²
Year 2007
Design Team:
Alexandros Vaitsos, Carlos Loperena, Kyle Gudsell, Elena Zabeli, Leonidas Ikonomou, Maria Papafigou, Natalia Kokosalaki

Plural Living Conditions

The top is shaped as new hill topography that rolls over individual generous duplex apartments with ample exterior space, views of the city and lush vegetation, offering at the same time a new skyline to the city.

The need for a live/work space is growing. Flexible, glazed loft studio spaces are proposed for the middle floor. These spaces can be used for living or working and the partitions can be placed freely.

A new proposal for living conditions in Iassonos 1-15 acknowledges and restores the existing neoclassical houses. Taking clues from their scale and pattern, new townhouses with similar proportions are also proposed on the street level.